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JANUS ver 1.0 MAC proposal

JANUS ver 1.0 MAC proposal

I'm uploading a short description of the MAC proposed for JANUS.

While the general approach is unlikely to change dramatically, certainly there are many details that could be improved.

The JANUS team at NURC is inviting comment and contributions to improve it! Certainly we would like to see some implementations and testing, both in simulations and at sea, to get an idea how well this is going to work, where the weaknesses are, etc.


Following the 2012 workshop, a couple of minor refinemenets were agreed for the JANUS MAC;
1) The MAC is to respect the 'reserve time' if specified in a tx from another node, not transmitting in the period reserved since it heard the beginning of the packet that reserved it.
2) 'Emergency' (to be defined) transmissions may be made at any time.

Note that the reserve time mechanism allows a node to reserve a period of silence for other kinds of transmissions, if needed.

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