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Conference on Underwater Communication: Channel modelling & validation

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There will be a conference on Underwater Communication: Channel modelling & validation in the La Spezia area 12-14 September.

Underwater (UW) communication technologies have progressed rapidly in recent years, with the development of advanced coherent techniques that have greatly extended performance limits. Examples include phase-coherent DFEs, time reversal and MIMO techniques, turbo coding and equalization. Optical and radio UW communications are also important. At higher communication stack layers there have been significant advances in developing DTN, MAC, routing and other protocols to establish efficient and reliable communications through underwater networks.

If we are to achieve interoperability, we must intelligently select standards and it must be possible to rank the performance of candidates for realistic applications and environments. The cost and logistic complexity of conducting extensive trials at sea over a wide range of environmental conditions and applications inevitably steers interest towards modelling and numerical performance estimation. We therefore need to first establish what are the essential physics of the channel that must be captured in a realistic simulation and what fidelity is needed to adequately represent the channel for the purposes of characterization.

This conference aims to bring together key researchers in the UW communications field to present the state-of-the-art and to set the stage for agreeing on some benchmark problems and models that can be used to equitably evaluate different coding schemes and protocols

See Conference Website(external link) for details.

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