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NIAG study announcement

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Dear JANUS Community,

NATO is sponsoring a NIAG (NATO Industry Advisory Group) study on JANUS.
The objective is to gather insight from industrial players in the form of a paper study on how to continue developing JANUS.
The group will cover topics like additional frequency bands, new application classes, protocol extensions, how to define JANUS compliance and more.

We just had an initial exploratory meeting in Brussels and everything is now set for a kick-off meeting to happen in late June.
We currently have an impressive number and quality of commited partners in the study but if you feel that you or your company can contribute you can still do it. Just contact the chairman of this group, Mr. André Oliveira from Tekever (Portugal): .

The study is open to entities from NATO and NATO pfp (partnership for peace) nations.

This may be a great opportunity to be involved in the study and help shaping the future of JANUS.

Looking forward to hear from you !


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