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Link to the STANAG technical document

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The ANEP-87 technical document is available at:

https://nso.nato.int/nso/zPublic/ap/PROM/ANEP-87%20EDA%20V1%20E.pdf(external link)

If you are interested in the agreement documentation, get it at:

https://nso.nato.int/nso/zPublic/stanags/CURRENT/4748EFed01.pdf(external link)


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This is fantastic news!

But we must not stop and 'rest on our laurels'. The most important step is one we have yet to take - getting JANUS onto UW Comms systems and creating applications. Comms has no value if you've nothing to say! Perhaps the first one in my mind is a DISSUB template(or more than one). No doubt other members of the community have their own ideas and preferences. Let's get going on the push to use JANUS!

Since the NATO STANAG agreement specifically says :"Nations are invited to work with their national industries to participate in the NATO Industrial Advisory Group on Digital Acoustic Communications and Networking, coordinating through the Chairman of the Underwater Warfare Capability group. Participation in this NIAG study will allow participating industry to identify requirements and procedures for implementing compliant digital communications and node discovery onto their underwater acoustic modems and telephony equipment."

Might there be scope for a follow-up NIAG study on applications, now that the standard is final and given the very positive outcomes of the previous NIAG?


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