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Revision of JANUS STANAG next year in March

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Dear JANUS friends,

in the ANEP you can find our concerns about the "Values provided in Table in Annex B are likely not to be implementable in the hardware to be used in the given accuracy." page V

The same for ANNEX C. Here the case is more difficult! The values of
the table C-1 are not fitting to the formula, in my view. If you are
using 50 digits, the correct basis is not

1.176769793407883 it is

to generate the values of the table.

If you have the accuracy (only MAPLE, MATHEMATICA, ... - not on a
simple computer) you can calculate the index correctly

Index = ln(time in s)/ln(1.176769793407882894...) + 21

We have to change it to fix "human readable" numbers:

Proposal: frac(1000*FunctionValue(Index))/1000

BR Ivor

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Please visit a proposal for both time scales here PROPOSAL

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