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BIG NEWS: JANUS is now officially a standard !!

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Hello all,

it's with great joy that we can openly announce that JANUS reached the long-sought STANAG (NATO standard) status. It's now STANAG 4748.

As far as we can tell JANUS is the first digital underwater communications standard to be internationally promulgated.

There was a lot of people involved in this process, from manufacturers, scholars, Navy personnel, support staff and so on.
This is a big achievement for our community, so congratulations to all !

Now this is just the beginning. From this standard we (the underwater communications community) must build interoperability. Let's use this space to discuss and develop our common ideas !

Get the promulgated version from the NATO Standardization Office:

https://nso.nato.int/nso/zPublic/ap/PROM/ANEP-87%20EDA%20V1%20E.pdf(external link)


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