JANUS Synthetic Dataset

JANUS Synthetic Dataset

JANUS Synthetic Dataset Batch 1

Dear users of the JANUS wiki,

Here a dataset with JANUS signals exploring the correct encoding/decoding of the JANUS waveform, according to ANEP-87 (technical specification of STANAG 4748).
The dataset is composed by JANUS baseline packets (including the usage of wake-up tones) and packets with cargo, exploring the applications described in the wiki.

The signals address the following applications:
• Emergency applications: (0,1) (0,2) (0,3) (0,4) (0,5)
• Underwater AIS: (2,8)
• Text messages: (11,1) (11,2)
• NATO message: (16,0) (16,1)
• Venilia: (17,0)

Signals with and without synthetic Doppler are provided in different folders. Synthetic Doppler at 2 m/s and 4 m/s (positive and negative) is explored.
Each folder includes a “case_report.txt” file with the information that has been encoded/decoded for each signal.

Regarding Venilia, there are messages listing only the value of the encrypted data, thus being able to test the correct extraction of the required bits. There are also messages where the crypto key and additional encryption information are provided to validate the decryption algorithm and extraction of plain data.

Regarding Text messages, only messages without encryption are provided since some additional rules should be defined on how sharing the required encryption information (e.g., Initialization Vector or counter, usage of hash tag and number of bytes, etc). We expect to have these rules defined in the short future and then prepare new messages for validation.

To access the dataset click here.