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JANUS support in UnetStack

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Hello everyone,
I would like to share the latest blog article about the support for JANUS in Unet audio detailing how someone can use their laptop to transmit and receive JANUS frames.
This was first demonstrated during an OCEANS 2019 Tutorial by John Potter. Unet audio is one of the SDOAMs (Software Defined Open Architecture Modem) that is built using UnetStack. One of the intents of Unet audio is to provide simple and easy access JANUS implementation for educational and research purposes, where students can use their laptops to experiment with JANUS frames for both transmission and reception using the speaker and microphone.

UnetStack enables SDOAM on various hardware such as underwater acoustic modems. JANUS standard is supported natively in UnetStack. User can access JANUS implementation on UnetStack for free (non-commercial use), using any of the hardware that runs UnetStack.