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New Waveforms/Protocols in JANUS

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Dear JANUS colleagues, as one of the ambitions of JANUS is to develop new waveforms within JANUS, to follow on from initial contact.

I would like to propose that we work within a new class, class 18, which can act as an initial handshake into a higher performance, networked and more secure variant of JANUS.

Technical details will be released in due course, but I wanted to confirm with the community whether this approach would be favoured?

Once all network nodes have used the JANUS baseline packet (class 18) handshake to positively identify each other securely, the baseline packet could be removed, and the entire network move to the more efficient mode.

This is a move from JANUS as a simple first contact, into proprietary modes, from JANUS as a first contact into a sub-mode of JANUS for efficient secure communications.

If this approach is favourable, the UK will in course be able to release MATLAB and C++ models of JANUS-Class18, in the approach we have developed so far within the community, as well as the specification, and in due course the cryptographic interoperability specification associated with this.