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Re: Venilia - a compact secure messaging class for JANUS

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Dear JANUS Colleagues,

I'd just like to echo Sam's comments and say that we are proud to present Venilia to the community as we look towards the continuing development of JANUS to improve capability among commercial, academic and defence users.

Venilia, in Roman mythology, is the wife of JANUS and we believe the name of this proposed class represents the hand-in-hand relationship between the open standards and interoperability of JANUS with the need to introduce networked security in underwater acoustic communications, the theme we explore in the IST-174 panel.

The public release of these standards represents a key milestone in our ongoing efforts with acoustics, and we look forward to testing Venilia in-water during the REPMUS 2021 exercise and red-teaming opportunities. In the coming months, we hope to expand on these public standards with design validation documents. We hope these efforts will encourage users in the IST panel and beyond to adopt Venilia.

The UK will be working on future classes of JANUS, in particular to exploit JANUS' key capability as a language-switching service. We have discussed these efforts at the IST-174 panel and look forward to releasing more details later this year.

Kind regards,
Amy-Mae Hobbs